Art of Photography

After watching some of the artist series from Ted Forbes, I decided to put together some of my thoughts. 

I remember Joni Mitchell saying about Van Gogh, once he painted the image "Starry night" it was completed. Joni said "you can't do anything with it", where as a song you can play it differently every time you play it. With photography you can express the image in any kind of process/medium you would like. Meaning, if you wanted to show it ten years from now, on a different medium-you can do it. 

 Tom Wolf wrote in the "Painted word" in which he stated, that all you have to do is come up with a theory to legitimize your art. I try not to make it so complicated, just do what you want, as I have always done and hopefully it turns out interesting. 

What I don't like about present day photography, is the over-processed look. I don't understand why people are trying so hard to make the perfect image in post. It loses something, and seems deceitful, to say the least. Unless of course your honest about what your doing. I was extremely disappointed in Art Wolfe's adding more to his pictures, as if he ever needed to. I try only to improve shadows or sharpness so I can make it closer to what a person sees with their eyes. Unless I'm doing something new, in which case I would state that. Once in a while I will use a built in filter in lightroom for a different effect. 

                                                                                                                                                           Jon Leach